Water cycles for wet treatment recycling processes Water treatment in the recycling industry

In the recycling of various materials, such as electronic waste, agricultural films, packaging, screens, etc. those materials are cleaned. This ensures a constant process stability and prevents a quality reduction of the valuable substances through contaminants. Dirt particles enter the washing water during the cleaning process. The water has to be purified in order to reuse it. Depending on the material to be processed, different kinds of dirt particles enter the water.

When DSD-packaging is processed, mainly food residues occur, whereas during electrical waste processing mainly (house) dust occurs. Whereas agricultural film is soiled with plant remains and soil. In the recycling process of screens, coatings of heavy metal play an important role.

As varied as the types of soils are, as varied the water treatment technologies have to be.

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Versatile applications References in the recycling industry

Waste slag

Waste water, which is produced during the wet treatment of domestic waste slag, is cleaned and recycled.

Shredder light fractions vehicles

In the wet processing of shredder light fractions, various liquid flows are treatet, cleaned and recirculated.

DSD packaging

Water cycles for the treatment of washing water, which is among others, contaminated with food residues, with subsequent sludge thickening.

Agricultural films

Water cycles for the treatment of washing water, which is contaminated with earth, plant and film residues.

Street cleaning waste

Water circuits with a solids separator for sand separation and an inclined filter for wastewater treatment.

Dismantling nuclear power plants

Water which is contaminated with concrete residues during sawing preocesses, is treated with an inclined filter and recirculated.

Railway ballast

Water cycles  for the treatment of railway ballast with an afterwards sludge dewatering.


Metal plastic separation by water. Process water treatment with dewatering of the metal-free substances.

Caps of PET bottles

Plastic-aluminum separation by water. Process water treatment with subsequent dewatering of the solids.

Aluminum scrap

Water cycles for the treatment of aluminum scrap. The washing water is filtered using a vacuum belt filter in full stream.

Activated carbon

Deswatering of activated carbon to save energy when regenerating in autoclaves.

Waste glass / Screens

Water cycles for the separation of heavy metals, wastewater treatment and sludge thickening.

Electronic scrap

Water cycles with a lamella separator for pre-separation and a vacuum belt filter for sludge dewatering.

FeSi slag

Treatment of washing water, which is contaminated with FeSi particles, followed by sludge dewatering.


For the treatment of washing water Leiblein products for the recycling industry