For filtration and sludge dewatering Vacuum belt filter of Leiblein

The vacuum belt filter is used for the filtration of liquids and dewatering of sludges.

Unlike hydrostatically working filters, the filtration is made by gravity with additional vacuum support. As a result, higher throughputs and better dewatering of the filter cake can be achieved. Depending on the application, filter fleeces or
endless filter belts are used. 

In many applications, the vacuum belt filter provides an effective alternative to belt filter presses or chamber filter presses as well as centrifuges.

Filtering and dewatering with vacuum – technology made by Leiblein Functional principle of the vacuum belt filter

The untreated water is fed into the filter from the top and is spread evenly over the entire filter belt width via the inlet box (❶). The filter belt is fed below the water level (❷). Here, in the lower parts, the filtration process takes place while further up there is the dewatering of the filter cake. Via a side channel compressor (❸) air is sucked off continuously from the filter chamber (❹), whereby a slight vacuum is created on the side of the filtrate.

As soon as the liquid level exceeds a certain level, the vacuum is broken and the filter belt clocks on. The resulting filter cake is separated from the tape by a scraper (❺). The belt is then cleaned with a brush roller (❻) and rinsed with additional high-pressure flushing nozzles (❼).


Pilot plants of Leiblein

Our products are available to rent for pilot tests. Due to our extensive rental park, we can put together complete test systems individually for your task.

High efficiency Benefits of the vacuum belt filter

  • High throughput and dewatering performance due to vacuum support and inclined belt position
  • No consumables through endless filter belts
  • Optimum utilization of the belt: floated material is removed together with the sediment on the discharge side
  • Filtrate can be used for rinsing the belt
  • Resistant to fluctuating inlet conditions
  • Low investment and operating costs compared to other sludge dewatering technologies such as centrifuges and chamber filter presses

Types and materials Designs of the vacuum belt filter

The vacuum belt filter is equipped as standard with an endless belt. Alternatively, it is also possible to have a filter fleece instead.



stainless steel

Filter belt

stainless steel, plastic

Filter fleece

polyester, viscose, polypropylene
in fineness 5 – 100 μm

Alternative materials on request.

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Versatile application possibilities Areas of application of the vacuum belt filter

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