Leiblein technologies painted in oil Leiblein art gallery

The art gallery provides an overview of our references illustrated by paintings. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture. 

Water of vegetable processing is purified by a lamella separator, reducing costs for the disposal of the effluent.

Washing water for the processing of potatoes is purified by a lamella separator and recirculated. Lamella separators accelerate the sedimentation process, making large sedimentation tanks unnecessary.

The solid content of a biological purification plant is optimised by the application of a lamella separator.

Large amounts of washing water, containing organic material emerge during the industrial treatment of beets. Leiblein lamella separators replace large sedimentation tanks as lamellas reduce the required space.

In this glass factory bottles are produced. The necessary water is remains up to one week in the circulation.

The dishes from the airplane are rinsed. The water for this process is purified by a rotation screen and remains in the circulation for up to one week.

Clean water is important for animals in the zoo. Here, the water is cleaned with an automatic rotary drum strainer and recirculated.

Near the Lago Maggiore a groundwater contamination is treated with great effort. The water is purified and then returned back into the nature.

Large amounts of water are required for the production of PVC. The remaining PVC is recovered from the effluent.

Sand used in the glass and concrete industry has to be free from mud and impurities. The washing water, necessary for the processing of the sand, is recirculated.

Large amounts of effluent, which are expensive to dispose, emerge during the production of gravel and concrete. Sedimentation tanks need much space and time for the sedimentation process. Leiblein lamella separators save time and costs and preserve the environment.

Large amounts of cooling water are required for the production of technical gases. The painting shows the purification of river water.

For the production of gearwheels large amounts of grinding oils are required. The oils are cleaned with filter arrangements.

Here, slag is a waste product from a coal-fired power station. The slag is cleaned by circulating water and can be used as building material.

Here, the water can be treated mobile on a modified railroad car, allowing flexible treatment of effluent of track constructions.

Leiblein GmbH uses vacuum filers and other filter techniques to recirculate soiled media.

The discharged slag from a foundry is quenched with cooling water. The resulting granulate material is separated by a lamella separator.

A belt filter is used to clean cooling lubricants. The cooling lubricant, needed for metal cutting manufacturing, can be used much longer, which increases the profitable efficiency.

Large amounts of water are needed for the processing of natural stone. Saws and other tools have to be cooled constantly. Lamella separators allow circuitry of the cooling water and therefore help to reduce costs.

In the tunnel building industry large amounts of waste water occur. Products of Leiblein fulfil all requirements of modern water purification.

Leibein plants for water purification are perfectly suited for the needs of the mining industry. High costs for the disposal of effluent can easily be reduced.

Leiblen filter and cleaning plants help to save and preserve valuable water. Effluent costs are greatly reduced. Therefore, Leiblein GmbH contributes a great deal to environmental protection.

Effluent of the mining industry is purified and treated with lamella separators, drainage containers and other plants of Leiblein GmbH. Thus, reducing costs for the effluent disposal and preserve the environment.

Leiblein GmbH offers a wide range of products for the filtration of liquids and other media. Gravity filters, inclined filters and vacuum filters are only few examples for advanced filter techniques provided by Leiblein.

Leiblein places emphasis on the high quality of the components filters and filter media. Thus, achieving highest standards of the quality of filter technology and clean filtrates.

Large amounts of effluent emerged during the construction of the Gotthard tunnel. The water can be recirculated through the use of Leiblein treatment plants. Lamella separators replace large and expensive sedimentation tanks and save time due to a faster sedimentation.

Sludge of mining activities is drained. The drainage does not only save money and preserve the environment, but the drained sludge can also be used for the brick production.

Nuclear power stations are constantly altered, thus large amounts of concrete are processed. The water used for the milling of waste products is purified by Leiblein lamella separators and therefore can cost-effectively be used.