Sedimentation tank for sludge dewatering Dewatering container of Leiblein

The dewatering container (also drainage container, separation container) is used for sludge dewatering or transportation. Leiblein dewatering containers are low-cost solutions for dewatering of small loads of mineral sludge.

The sludge drains to compact sludge, which can be transported in the container. The sludge can easily be dumped and comes off the geotextile without manual assistance.

The main field of application of the dewatering container is the drainage of mineral sludge, as for example from stone cutting or grinding processes, on constructions sites, from truck wash, as well as diverse wash waters.

Effective sludge dewatering – technology made by Leiblein Functional principle of the dewatering container

The dewatering container comprises a container and an inserted basket covered with geotextile. The liquid sludge is pumped from the top (❶) into the container. The particles are retained by the geotextile, whereas it lets the water pass and run off through an outlet (❷).

The filling of the container can be done in batches or continuous processes. The filtrate can be disposed or fed back into the cycle.

Pilot plants of Leiblein

Our products are available to rent for pilot tests. Due to our extensive rental park, we can put together complete test systems individually for your task.

High efficiency Benefits of the dewatering container

Advantages of dewatering containers when compared with dumping basins/skip trailers

  • compact sludge, better possibility of transport, no skimming of water necessary, fewer personnel requirements
  • less volume, less disposal trips, lower disposal costs
  • better dewatering – less water loss/ lower water costs

Advantages when compared with bag systems/big-bags

  • dewatering container can be carried by forklift or truck
  • no personnel is needed to lug wet and heavy bags
  • no expendables as the fleece can be used for several years

Advantages when compared with chamber filter press, decanter and belt filter press

  • significant reduction in investment costs
  • significant reduction in costs for energy and auxiliary materials (e.g. flocculant)

Types and materials Designs of the dewatering container

Two types of dewatering containers manufactured by Leiblein are available. One type is a tilt-container for use with forklifts and the other a tipping trough for trucks. Both types allow easy filtering, dewatering and transportation of the sludge.

Dewatering container type A
Container volume of 0,5 m³–2 m³, designed as self-tilting-skip for the use with fork lifts

Dewatering container type B
Container volume of 3 m³–12 m³, designed as a tipping trough for the use with trucks

Do you have any questions about technical details?

We would be pleased to advice you and will gladly send you more information like type series and measurement sheets of the dewatering container.

Versatile application possibilities Areas of application of the dewatering container