For the filtration of ferromagnetic particles Magnetic separator of Leiblein

The magnetic separator segregates the ferromagnetic particles from liquids e.g. cooling lubricants. It is intensified with emulsions from grinding processes, which are contaminated with fine particles, and are used to prevent blocking of subsequent filters. 

The permanent magnet used ensures a higher degree of separation in connection to the robust stainless-steel design and also a long service life. For each magnetic separator up to 900 l/min throughputs with different contaminations are possible.

Filter with magnetic force – technology made by Leiblein Functional principle of the magnetic separator

The contaminated liquid is fed into the magnetic separator from above (❶). The ferromagnetic particles are retracted by the extremely strong permanent magnets of a magnetic cylinder (❷) and remain adhered here. By turning the roll, they are transported out of the liquid and separated on a deflector plate (❸). The cleaned liquid flows to the outlet (❹).

Pilot plants of Leiblein

Our products are available to rent for pilot tests. Due to our extensive rental park, we can put together complete test systems individually for your task.

Higher efficiency Benefits of the magnetic separator

  • High filtration efficiency by 360° ring magnets, pole rings and cyclic operations as well as incident flow of the entire roll width
  • Effective magnet roll: double surface due to the pole rings between the ring magnets
  • Optimal separation of ferritic residues as residual magnetism is avoided through the brass-scraper blades.
  • Optimal separation of liquid as the scraper inclines slightly outwards
  • Long service life and lower deterioration due to robust stainless steel construction and slow rotation of the magnet roll
  • No chemical changes of the medium as the separation takes place purely mechanically
  • Lower energy costs
  • Use in the bypass or full current operation possible
  • Clean environment due to inner emergency overflow and lateral drain plug
  • Flexible and individual adjustment to environment:
    > Assembly with superstructure with cramped installation situation
    > concealed installation possible
    > power unit is optionally on the left or right

Types and materials Designs of the magnetic separator

Magnetic separators can be used as an independent compact device or as component in the central filter system. 

The chain magnetic separator is a version of the magnet separator, which is especially suitable for large throughputs.


stainless steel 1.4301 / 1.4404


ferrite magnets

Alternative materials upon request.

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Versatile application possibilities Areas of application of the magnetic separator

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