For the separation of coarse solids Solids separator Leiblein

The solids separator is used for the separation and dewatering of quickly sedimenting solids (e.g. sand, scale, slag) from waste water or process water.

With the help of an integrated lamella pack and the resulting larger settling surface, finer particles can be separated and discharged by a screw conveyer.

The solids separator is used at high volume flows with relatively low solids loading. This distinguishes it from classical separation aggregates of the treatment technology such as bucket wheels, classifying screens or hydrocyclones.

Effective coarse separation – technology made by Leiblein Functional principle of the solids separator

The untreatet water is filled in the container from above (❶). The coarser solids sediment downwards to the screw conveyer and are discharged by it (❷). A subsequent dewatering takes place in the upper part of the screw conveyer above the water level.

The untreated water streams through the lamellae from bottom to top (❸). The solids settle down countercurrently on the lamellae and slide downwards along the lamellae to the screw conveyer (❹).

The treated water flows further upwards and via a special overflow weir to the outlet (❺).

Cross section lamella packs
Pilot plants of Leiblein

Our products are available to rent for pilot tests. Due to our extensive rental park, we can put together complete test systems individually for your task.

High efficiency Benefits of the solids separator

  • High throughput
  • Continuous operation
  • Low operating costs / low energy required
  • Sturdy construction
  • Direct sludge outlet into container
  • Allows fluctuating solids loads
  • Variable separation cut due to adaptable lamella packs

Types and materials Designs of the solids separator

The solids separator is obtainable with or without lamella packs. In addition there is the possibility to integrate a surface scraper in order to remove floating sludge.


coated steel
stainless steel AISI 304 / AISI 316L


polypropylene, stainless steel

Alternative materials on request

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Versatile application possibilities Areas of application of the solids separator

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