Cleaned cooling lubricant can be used longer and reduces costs Effective solutions for cooling lubricant treatment

Our cooling lubricant treatment techniques are primarily optimized for use in metalworking to clean emulsions, oils, water mixtures or solutions. With our filter and separator technology for cooling lubricant cleaning you can:

  • Achieve long service lives of cooling lubricants
  • Avoid expensive downtimes
  • Ensure the required quality of the workpiece
  • Keep wear on tools and processing machines low
Discover the advantages for your application

We know that cooling lubricant treatment depends on details and conditions. Our services include planning, design, production, delivery and assembly/service of components and complete plants for cooling lubricant treatment. We would be pleased to help you finding the best possible solution for your application.

The right solution for every application Our techniques for the treatment of cooling lubricants

With our filter and separation technologies, you can clean cooling lubricants used in the machining and non-cutting processing of metals and other materials particularly effectively. Depending on the machining processes, such as grinding, milling, cutting, honing, drilling or turning, the cooling lubricant is contaminated with tramp oils, fine metal chips and grinding wheel abrasion, which must be removed.

As a solution, we recommend our coolant filters and separators, which are specifically used depending on various factors such as the manufacturing process, material, coolant volume or type of contamination. Our filters and separators include small decentralized solutions as well as complete turnkey central systems.

Technologiess for decentralized cooling lubricant purification

For small coolant volumes, individual coolant filters or separators can clean the cooling lubricant directly at the machining process.

Technologies for central cooling lubricant purification

For larger coolant volumes, individual coolant filters and separation components are combined in a central system. The soiled cooling lubricant is collected and treated in the central cooling lubricant plant.