Optimal water quality for more environmental protection and lower costs Flexible systems for water treatment

Our technologies for water treatment are used in a wide range of industries for process water treatment, waste water treatment as well as fresh water and surface water treatment. We provide all services in-house and are able to react flexibly to your tasks. With our water treatment plants you can:

  • Treat various process water types and thus use it several times
  • Save fresh water
  • Reduce wastewater costs
  • Recover valuable resources

Treatment of process water, wastewater and surface water Overview of water treatment areas

Companies face the challenge of dealing with the resource water in an economical and sustainable way. Large quantities of water are often required in industry for production and processing operations. To minimize the costs for fresh water and wastewater disposal and to protect our water resources, water treatment plants are the ideal solution for (industrial) businesses. Our technologies for process water treatment, wastewater treatment as well as surface and fresh water treatment can be used for various types of water and can be combined in a customized way depending on the application.

Process water treatment

Process water is water used in industrial plants. In process water cycles, liquids (usually water) are cleaned and maintained to such an extent that they can be circulated in industrial processes. The required water quality and the possibilities for process water treatment depend on the area of application and the process.

Wastewater treatment

For wastewater treatment we offer techniques so that the wastewater can be discharged directly into waters or indirectly into the sewerage system after treatment. Legal requirements and discharge conditions are taken into account. Various separators and filter systems are available for the separation of solids. Dissolved substances such as heavy metals are separated with precipitants.

Surface and fresh water treatment

With our solutions, we can treat river water or well water so that it can be used as cooling water or process water, for example. Furthermore, we offer possibilities to treat surface water of company grounds so that it can be used for industrial purposes.

Discover the advantages for your application

We know that water treatment depends on details and conditions. Our services include planning, design, production, delivery and assembly/service of components and complete plants for water treatment. We would be pleased to help you finding the best possible solution for your application.

The right solution for every application Our technologies for water treatment

Our techniques for water treatment are mainly based on the physical processes of solid/liquid separation like screening, sedimentation and filtration. For some applications, chemical pre-treatment of the water with precipitants and flocculants is necessary. Depending on the intended use of the water, the degree of contamination, as well as the required degree of purity for further use, we find the appropriate solution for our customers.