Low sludge volume reduces costs and protects the environment Smart solutions for sludge dewatering

With the Leiblein vacuum belt filter we enable new ways in sludge dewatering.  It is used in a wide variety of industries and covers a wide range of sludge dewatering applications. Due to its special operating principle, the vacuum belt filter dewaters the filter cake/sludge cake gently and effectively at the same time. With our vacuum belt filter you can:

  • Economically, simply and energy-efficiently reduce sludge volumes while operating continuously and requiring little maintenance 
  • Minimize disposal and transport costs
  • Improve your company's energy balance

Thanks to its low investment and operating costs, the vacuum belt filter offers a cost-effective alternative to "conventional" sludge dewatering methods such as chamber filter presses or decanter centrifuges.

Comparison of methods for sludge dewatering Effective sludge dewatering with the vacuum belt filter

The common techniques of sludge dewatering include filter presses, chamber filter presses, screw presses, belt filter presses, decanters, centrifuges or decanter centrifuges. In the following, we have compared the most important properties of the individual sludge dewatering methods.


Chamber filter pressbatchwise, sludge buffer required
Decanter / Centrifugecontinuous
Belt filter presscontinuous

Vacuum belt filter

continuous or batchwise

Energy consumption

Chamber filter pressmoderate to high
Decanter / Centrifugehigh
Belt filter pressmoderate to high
Vacuum belt filtermoderate

Maintenance and operating costs

Chamber filter pressmoderate to high (party very time-consuming cleaning)
Decanter / Centrifugehigh (great wear)
Bandfilterpressemoderate to high

Requirements for flocculation

Chamber filter pressmoderate to high
Decanter / Centrifugemoderate to high
Belt filter pressmoderate to high
Vacuum belt filtermoderate

Achieved solid content

Chamber filter presshigh
Decanter / Centrifuge high
Belt filter pressmoderate to high
Vacuum belt filtermoderate to high

Investment costs

Chamber filter press    high
Decanter / Centrifuge     high
Belt filter presshigh
Vacuum belt filtermoderate

Behavior in case of consistency fluctuations (operational reliability)

Chamber filter pressgood-natured to vulnerable
Decanter / Centrifugegood-natured to vulnerable
Belt filter pressgood-natured to vulnerable
Vacuum belt filtergood-natured

Particularly work well

Chamber filter pressmineral sludge, large quantities, high solid content
Decanter / Centrifugebiological sludge, large quantities, low consistency fluctuations, high solid content
Belt filter pressbiological sludge, large quantities, low consistency fluctuations
Vacuum belt filtermineral sludge, medium quantities, filtration of liquids
Vakuumbandfilter – Vakuumbandfilter von Leiblein
Find the advantages for your application

We know that the dewatering of sludge depends on details and conditions. In order to be able to offer you the best solution for your application, we recommend you to provide us with your individual requirements with only a few clicks.

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