Water cycles for various applications Water treatment in the energy industry

In the energy industry solutions for water treatment can be used at different places. For example, thermal power plants require large amounts of fresh water. Depending on the use, different purity classes are required. Usually, the water is taken from a surface water. Depending on the season there are, very high fluctuations in pollution levels. Depending on the feed load, lamella separators and/or continuous sand filter can be used.

In coal-fired power stations slag results from combustion of coal. After leaving the oven, the slag is quenched with water and bursts into splinters of various sizes. Larger particles can be reused in the building industry. The finer particles remain in the water causing turbidity. When the water is reused without treatment, the particles cause precipitation in pipelines and nozzles and lead to blockage and disturbance. These particles can be separated by lamella separators. With our solutions the water can be reused or pumped back into the receiving water.

Another application is the slow decarbonisation, where the fresh water is not only softened but also cleaned of particles. In the field of energy production, the areas of refinery (separation of particles and free oils) and coke production (separation of coal or tar) should be mentioned. For fine cleaning of cooling water our continuous sand filters can be used.

Further applications for Leiblein assemblies are the cleaning of exhaust or flue-gas wet-washers or miscellaneous belt filters for different filtration tasks. These include the filtration of washing or sawing water used for operation or dismantling of nuclear reactors. The filters are also suitable for biogas or pyrolysis plants.

Pilot plants of Leiblein

Our products are available to rent for pilot tests. Due to our extensive rental park, we can put together complete test systems individually for your task.

Versatile applications References in the energy industry

Cooling water circuit for gas scrubbing
The project

A cooling water circuit for gas purification is soiled with dissolved solids. The throughput is 550 m³/h. The treatment process includes purification of the water.

Functional description

During the first stage a substream of 150 m³/h is fed into a lamella separator. The lamella separator has a clarifying surface of 125 m², this results in a clarifying surface load of 1,2 m/h. Flocculant is added to the inlet in order to separate finest particles as well. The lamellas separate the particles and flocks from the water. The sludge settles into the sludge funnel of the lamella separator and gets pumped into a dewatering container for further thickening from time to time. The purified water flows to the cooling towers.

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