Quality increase, environment protection ans cost reduction Leiblein – Water treatment

Our water treatment division deals, among other things, with the planning, design, manufacture, delivery and installation / service of components and complete water treatment plants.

We have more than 30 years experience in this area. Our technologies are used in a wide variety of industries for the purification of process water, wastewater or fresh water / surface water.

Process water treatment

Process water is water used in industrial systems and machines. In process water cycles, liquids (mostly water) are treated and filtered, so that they can be circulated in industrial processes. The required quality and the possibility to treat process water depend on the field of application and process type.

Effluent treatment

For wastewater treatment, we offer technologies to discharge the wastewater directly or indirectly into the sewage after treatment.

Treatment of surface water and fresh water

With our solutions, we can treat river water or well water, so that it can be used as cooling water or process water, for example. Additionally, we offer solutions to treat the surface water of company grounds.

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